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7 Not-to-Miss Graves at Christ Church

On the corner of 5th and Arch streets, the signers of the Declaration of Independence still socialize (albeit underground). The Christ Church Burial Ground serves as the resting place of some of Philadelphia’s elite — from a founding father to the richest man in Philadelphia during the 18th century.
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7 Must-See Items at the Museum of the American Revolution

If your only picture of the American Revolution features a bunch of white men signing a piece of paper, think again. The Museum of the American Revolution (MOAR), which opened in Philadelphia in April 2017, provides a fresh framing of the founding of the United States by offering the stories of underrepresented groups such as Native Americans, African Americans, and women.
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Here’s Where to Taste Thomas Jefferson’s Sweet Potato Biscuits

Chef Walter Staib stands over a table of diners at his restaurant City Tavern, a recreation of an 18th-century tavern in Philadelphia’s “Olde City.”. The hostess, who wears a large skirt complete with an apron and bonnet, stands at the front of the restaurant greeting guests with a small curtsey. The lights are dim, much like they would have been in the 18th century.
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Philadelphia City Guide

Whether in search of a famed hoagie, a wander through the Reading Terminal Market, or a repeat run of Rocky’s dash up the Art Museum steps, more than 42 million people visited Philadelphia last year. But, for the most part, visitors came for the history. Independence National Historic Park saw more than 5 million visitors, and more than 2.3 million people elbowed their way through crowds to get a look at that crack in the Liberty Bell through the sealed, glass case.
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Most Violent Years: A Conversation with Author Holger Hoock

For Holger Hoock, a professor of British history at the University of Pittsburgh, examinations of the Revolutionary War often ignore a critical issue when talking about America’s founding — violence. Common narratives frame the war with bloodless images such as Washington’s stately boat stance, a galloping, shouting Paul Revere, or that quaint tea party in Boston.
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Syracuse schools see bump in test scores after adding more hours to day

After three years of longer school days in 13 Syracuse schools, test scores are starting to rise. When Sarah Cupelli first arrived as principal at Bellevue Elementary School, her goal was to increase the school's test scores by just 1 percent. Last year, the school saw a 6.8 percent increase in their English language arts test scores.
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Saint Lucy’s Church: where sinners and saints are one in the same

As Father Jim Matthews begins the 9 a.m. service at Saint Lucy’s Church near Syracuse’s Westside, all is far from quiet. Although Matthews speaks into a microphone, he can barely be heard over the sound of church members greeting old friends. Two men say hello over a special handshake, one that has clearly been repeated over many Sundays.
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Syracuse school board takes stand on Betsy DeVos, Trump immigration policy

The Syracuse school board tonight took a stand on two issues that have arisen under the Trump administration. The board unanimously passed two resolutions, on Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and President Donald Trump's immigration policies. The school board's effort follows DeVos' controversial confirmation earlier this week, and President Donald Trump's executive order banning travel among some immigrants.
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Syracuse 4th grader leads class in making care packages for elderly

"Helping others without getting anything in return." Those are the reasons a group of elementary and middle schoolers gave for spending two days of their spring break on volunteerism. Fourth grader Samaia Goodrich led the charge to make "LOVE kits," or care packages, for the residents of the James Square Health and Rehabilitation Centre in Syracuse.
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Syracuse schools look for ways to connect immigrant students to healthcare (photos)

A Somali mother waved her hands in the air as a Syracuse City School District employee placed a form in front of her. The woman attended a meeting about Syracuse's school based health centers, but was hesitant about signing up. Her child had once visited a health center in a school before, and she received a bill she hadn't expected.
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Humans of New York creator turns the lens on himself, shares his own story at Syracuse

The first time Brandon Stanton took a picture of a stranger, he was sitting on a subway in Chicago. Four years later, he was sitting in the oval office with President Barack Obama. Stanton started the blog in 2010, and has since gained over 18 million followers on Facebook. He spoke at Syracuse University as part of the University Lectures series.
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Miley Cyrus drops album, and possibly acid, with “Dead Petz”

As the host of last week’s MTV Video Music Awards, Miley Cyrus confirmed for viewers that she does in fact “smoke pot” and “love peace.”. So when she announced a new, free album — “Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz” — at the end of her performance of the unbearable “Dooo It! ,” it was unclear whether Miley would have anything else to say.
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Katie Shafsky

From the time I was little, I loved to tell stories. My mother would tell you I was just a liar, but I prefer storyteller if it makes me sound better.

My passion for storytelling led me to tell my own stories while pursuing a degree in creative writing at Binghamton University. But, I realized that I hated being the center of attention, and found out that I loved learning about and telling the stories of others.

Now, I'm graduating with a master's degree in magazine, newspaper and online journalism from Syracuse University. I love writing about urban affairs and health news, but could also talk about avocado toast and winged eyeliner for the rest of my life if you let me.

I've written about renegade churches and ambitious fourth graders trying to fight poverty, but I've also declared my love for Miley Cyrus and day drinking in print. My mother would say I need to focus my interests. I just say I'm curious.

But most of all, my mother would be proud that as a journalist, I'm finally telling the truth.



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